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released July 16, 2017

All songs written collectively by the members of Team Francis: Samantha Gates, Roo Burns, and Ivan Gates.

All songs recorded by Vince Gates at Play Your Own Music in Carson City, NV.

Artwork by the lovely and amazing Charles Andrews.

Special thanks to Bryce Altus for his collaboration writing the songs Courtesy Of, Let Me Out, and Buildings.

Extra special thanks to Shaolin, without whom the band would suffer greatly.



all rights reserved


Team Francis Reno, Nevada

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Track Name: Ghosty
how to say goodbye to somebody forever
it would be easier to hate them first
let's be perfectly clear, it's for worse or for better
sweep it under the carpet makes it worse
oh, ghost

I'm sorry to waste your time
I ran away, but don't you think I'm a little bit sad
it's like I was never here
I disappear, but I thought you'd be a little bit sad

you went back in time with that bump on your head
and you brought your circus entourage
turned my mind into a ferris wheel of things you said
chalk it up to nerves and sleep it off
oh, ghost

I'm so tired of having imaginary conversations, so tired of having conversations with a ghost
Track Name: Courtesy Of
speed racer will catch the next flight
she spins on in her satellite
fortune teller bring back the night
never go home without a fight
she don't wanna talk about it

you forgot that I lost my sight, fortune teller
all the street lamps are off tonight
courtesy of
ten thousand mocking birds
they mock me as I lay here
you say I'm healed, but I know I'm not, fortune teller

speed racer will catch the next flight
she spins on in her satellite
it was as easy as the slip of his hand on her waist
not as easy to embrace
it was a lot to read and they only had the first page
I don't blame them for running away
Track Name: Let Me Out
weightless is by body
it floats above so I can see
see my house as it burns
feel my chest expanding ever inward
I heard you calling from a distance
but I just minded my own business
you see, my ribs don't get any smaller
I cannot stop the shaking of my finger

I'm losing focus, help me out
the air in my chest can't get out
I'm running towards it, a way out
the door won't open, let me out

against all odds
cosmic alignment of my heart
I attempt to keep it there
oh, I try and I try, but I can't
easy is my breathing
though I'm sure this time its fleeting
always chasing the feeling
until I stop to feel my fingers shaking

I don't take it all in for fear of losing sight of myself
I don't stop to embrace the moment because I'm terrified of it
I don't
I won't
because I can't
Track Name: Buildings
where do I go back in time
I swear I was smarter when I was younger
how many times did I lose track of the things that make me a certain kind of special
is this a feeling of purpose, or just antisocial tendencies
I wanna make a masterpiece, but instead I just stay home and light all my things on fire

far better than I used to be
because I ignore all my idiosyncrasies
the passing of time, it erases things
and I'm coming up short in validity

there was once a time where the light in my eyes was so keen to wonder
if in me was a photograph of a life that I live where I'm something special
was it adolescence or a phantom of a prophesy
but all the noise drives me mad so I cover my ears and I watch all the buildings fall
Track Name: Boy With No Eyes
untie my mind
could say I tried
"Isn't it loud in here?" I cried
not loud enough to hear it right

my voice was lost somewhere between my throat and my mouth

for the hundredth time, I don't feel like myself
I thought I left you a note
and I got home just fine, but I don't feel like myself
you said you wanted to know

war on the line
was not on time
"It's my fault again." I lied
articulation will be my demise

so many times I waved hello to a boy with no eyes
Track Name: Space Beach
I saw my reflection in my bedroom window
tongue on the wet stone
you're such a fucking poser
why, oh why do I try so hard
window to mirror, you cry vanity
I see into the future, not looking at me
defeated, I stare into my back yard

fall down into my stomach
and all my sentiments started to awake
ground shook, I trembled
oh, and I'm listening this time

I woke up on the floor, eyes red as rose
where has the time gone, only heaven knows
the craters in the wall always looked like the moon
so many loose threads but never a loom
I woke up in a window, spirit to sea/see
nothing left to fear, oh the duality
the shadows in my room never felt so friendly
I carry the stone, but it's not so heavy

I'm crippled by a concept: less is more, more or less
Track Name: Djerianess King
stand in the light
keep it composed
waited all night
keep it composed
put up a fight
keep it composed
run in the light
all the way home

stand in the light
keep it composed
waited all night
you never showed

all of the words that you left out
I wanna tear them from your mouth
tell me your secrets
show me your skin, I'll make it soft
give me your fear, I'll turn it off
tell me your secrets